What would Chizi the black rhino eat for Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we were wondering what Chizi and his black rhino friends might eat that day.

We found some very useful information at RhinosInfo.com. Did you know that black rhinos are considered “browsers” and have a hooked upper lip which helps them to pull leaves from the twigs and branches? Black rhinos dine on trees, shrubs, and tasty herbs they pull out by hooking their upper lip around the plant and tugging. During the rainy season, when the plants are especially juicy, the black rhino might eat an entire plant—branches, twigs, leaves, and all! The black rhino is known to eat more than 200 different kinds of plants—but no meat—and unlike their white rhino cousins, they don’t eat much grass at all.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we’ve put together a word search for you to print out and share with your friends. Can you find the names of the plants and shrubs that Chizi might eat?

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What Would Chizi Eat?