Poaching Effect on Vultures

Hey Guys, here is a very interesting and tragic article on how the vulture population is being decimated by poachers. Ironically, vultures pose a serious threat to poachers because they alert game rangers whenever the poachers make a kill by circling and assembling around the carcass. Therefore, poachers are poisoning the animals that they kill […]

Chizi Meets the Family

I introduced Chizi to my family yesterday. It was such a special moment to enjoy Chizi’s presence with them. We tagged along with the Park Rangers on Chizi’s afternoon walk. It was awesome to watch Chizi in his natural environment. He ate twigs, rolled around in the mud, and scraped his growing horn in the […]

Meeting Chizi

  I finally met Chizi! What an experience. It was the most surreal moment of my life. The Park Rangers and the Saxon family introduced him to me on Thursday. He was a little shy in the beginning, but after he sniffed me a couple of times he relaxed and warmed up to me. I […]

Back to Africa

Hey guys, I’m so excited to travel to Africa. It will mark the first time I see Chizi! I have been writing and researching about him now for six months, and it is going to be a very special moment to finally interact with him in person. When the Park Rangers found him he was […]